Orck hand veapon pack

$ 21.99

Exclusive convertion set – “Orck hand veapon pack” designed by designed by Wargames Crew.

It includes 22 hand veapoons and 24 hands (10 left, 10 right, 4 officer hands)

This is a unique model, made from high quality polyurethane resin.

Comparable with all Ork Boy models. Includes a Nob models.


This model can be used as a proxy model of your choice, as a collectible figure, as well as for any other gaming purposes.

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Painting and design – Sergei Rusich
Digital work – Irina Serova
Concept art – Alexandr Khodakovski

Please note: The miniature is the unique and intellectual property of Wargames Crew. All Rights Reserved to their respective owners.

Please note: It is delivered not assembled and not painted.


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