Officer Ork Heads

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Exclusive convertion set – “Oficier Ork Heads” designed by GreenskinBrothers Stoodio

This is a unique model, made from high quality polyurethane resin.

This set can be used with any other Orc Nobs models of any production.

This model can be used as a proxy model of your choice, as a collectible figure, as well as for any other gaming purposes.

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Painting and design – Sergei Rusich
Digital work – Irina Serova
Concept art – Alexander Khodakovsky

Please note: The miniature is the unique and intellectual property of Wargames Crew. All Rights Reserved to their respective owners.

Please note: It is delivered not assembled and not painted.

3 reviews for Officer Ork Heads

  1. David Czarnecki

    I ordered these and what can I say but WOW, the detail is amazing, one has a tiny treasure map with dotted lines and an “x” on his scalp, the castings are easily some of the best I’ve ever bought with only a quick swipe of the X-acto to remove the small casting plug on the chin. No mold slippage, no seams, just a touch up on the plug mark and they are ready to go!

    I have bought a lot of Ork and Greenskin bits from a lot of places but these easily rate as some of the very best in quality control and attention to detail, the steam for the Mek’s exhausts is flawless as well. The cigars have wafting smoke on the ends! Brilliant stuff!

  2. Arnaud

    I have order this set, because I’d like pirates heads style and more because I need really the bigboss head !!!!!! After all this set is great but it’s just too bad, the rest of half heads are just a reverse model …… But I don’t regrets just for the boss head !

  3. Scarcoon (verified owner)

    This head are fantastique for nob or boss.

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